About the Project

This project focused on developing the concept, business model, strategy and branding for a new social network. Our social network was based on the goal of accomplishing a healthy lifestyle through peer motivation.

OPPORTUNITY: To design a social network for women who are in their 60's and older.



Primary business objective: 
Create a social network that allows people to actually reach their fitness goals with the support of people that are in the same place as them. 

Mission o f the project: 
Build a network to help people who want to get fit but lack the motivation, and that together they can encourage, motivate and push each other to reach their fitness goals.



Through secondary research we were able to identify key concepts and analyse the competitive landscape of companies that already tackled the fitness scene. 


Observation allowed us to understand the different environment in which fitness activities take place. It also showed us the variety of age groups that worked out together. 

Interviews revealed the different needs of these groups, the reasons behind their meetings, their pain-points and the kinds of activities that they wished they had more access to. 


By analysing competitors' business models we were able to understand their very different value propositions and this allowed us to develop our own.




Based on Marty Neumeier's 17-Step Process found on his book ZAG, we developed the brand of our social network concept. 



After establishing a branding strategy, we started thinking about our logo and general social network look and feel. I designed both the logo and the website prototype for our social network concept.    



In the prototype we wanted to show the main points of interaction our social network would have: user profile, groups, recipes, medical information, activity tracker and local activities that they can participate in.




This project was done in collaboration with: