Savannah Coffee Shops

Savannah Coffee Shops


This project was a 10 week assignment for the Information Architecture course at SCAD. The task was to select a set of data variables that could be collected in Savannah and that could later be shared in the form of a website. The group's main goal was to select a Data Project that could later be useful to people and students in the area. 

Savannah's local coffee shop scene is filled with many and very different businesses. Students and locals have a wide range of options to select where to take their coffee, hang out with friends, meet up for group projects or grab a bite to eat. The question is, where can they go depending on what they need? Many times they ask themselves questions like: Do they serve the kind of coffee that I like? Is there enough space for me to work with a few friends? How comfortable is it? Is the music loud? Is it dark? Does it smell good? If I'm working for a long period of time there, will I have different food options?

OPPORTUNITY: We wanted to make the decision making process easier, and give people the information to let them choose where to go depending on what they needed. 


Data was collected from eleven coffee shops in Savannah. The team used different methods to collect the data variables, they included surveys and observation. 

Customers were asked to voluntarily participate in surveys where they shared what they were seeing while they visited the coffee shop. The team offered a series of small incentives like candy, stickers and cash to compensate customers' help. These surveys were advertised with the consent of the different coffee shops in their counters and tables. 

Through observation the team gathered other qualitative and quantitative sets of variables during 8 weeks.

Social media was also used to promote data collection. The team created a Facebook page and an Instagram account where funny coffee-related illustrations were shared and the surveys were promoted. 


After collecting all the data points from surveys and observation we sat down and started looking at both the qualitative data and the quantitative data. We came up with a series of formulas to rate each coffee shop on the different values we were trying to establish. You can read more about that process here.


After drawing insights from our data points, crunching the numbers, and rating each coffee shop, we had to find a way to share the data. The best way that we found to share this data was through a website. First, we brainstormed possible navigation options. After analyzing each one we selected one that we felt communicated our findings better, and that also allowed us to complete the project within the time frame we had available.

After that, wireframes were made. 

We then focused on graphics that would display our insights and started building the website. To learn more about this project, you can visit the website here.

This project was made in collaboration with: